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Why should you read this IT Blog?

To save money and time. My articles help people to find cheap or free applications. Besides that, it helps to understand how everything works. Information technology is a very complicated theme. But it is critical to use it in everyday life. We can not avoid use software for personal use but in business as well. But how do you choose the best application? 

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Who is the author of the technology blog? 

A short story about me: my name is Boris. I am working as an Android Developer. Before I started working as a developer, I was working as an IT project manager. Thus, I have experience in working on both technical and non-technical.
While I was learning Android Development, I faced one big issue. All development articles have used complicated technical words and terms, and it was hard to understand them. That is why my primary purpose, to provide information in an easy-to-understand way.

What exactly is information technology?

Today information technology is a part of our life. People use it every day. It is beneficial, and technology makes our life and business better. But the downside of it is that people do not know all parts of its work most of the time. Technology can be:

All those kinds of technologies are developed and support by many different people. New technologies come into our life so fast that sometimes we start using them without reading terms and conditions. Since information technology is a part of our life, we should understand how it works. This knowledge will help us protect our private data and our lives. 

What is a technology blog?

My blog helps people to understand technologies and to protect them using technologies in everyday life. In my technology blog, people will:

Why is this software development blog not the same as others?

Because I came into development as a non-technical person. I understand what type of explanation is easy to read and what is difficult. It was tough to understand some things when I was learning. In my opinion, the development of articles and documentation is overcomplicated, and it might be more accessible. In my articles, every article goes with:

  1. Images 
  2. Detailed comments of each line of the code
  3. Whole code. I hate when some article provides you with code partially. 

What is tutorial software, and how can you learn it?

I divide each tutorial into well-organized sections. I want you to spend a small amount of time and answer your question right here and right now. For instance, if you want to know “how to generate QR code for free?” I will provide you the link to the solution. My tutorials are covering the most interesting topics, and after reading them, you will be able to:

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