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5 easy steps to create a website with Wix tutorial 2021.

Boris~March 18, 2021 /Business IT Tips

Is Wix good for beginners?

This Wix tutorial shows how perfect it is. First of all, the platform takes care of all the most common parts of the website. You need to follow the instructions as I show in my previous article. In the first part, I covered registration and created a website on Wix website builder.

Any coding or IT-related experience is not required.

How do I edit an existing Wix website?

After you publish the website, it might be challenging to find the edit button. To edit your website wix you should press the left bottom button. It is black—That’s why it is sometimes challenging to see it.

wix tutorial

How do I use Wix website?

In the previous Wix tutorial 2020, there were no detailed examples. In 2021 I have added a lot of videos and detailed explanations for each step. After this tutorial, you will never ask, “How do you use Wix?” again. Because here you will see:

Here we will cover the setup of all critical sections.

How to switch between different pages with Wix tutorial tips?

You have to be in edit mode. And on the left top corner, you can find the drop-down menu. There you can choose the page you want to edit.

wix website tutorial

Steps to create a website on Wix?

Keep in mind that you don’t need to remember how each section works. You need to understand the main logic of the process.

After you finish the first part of my Wix website tutorial, we can manage to edit the website’s main sections. Keep in mind that you don’t need to remember how each section works. You need to understand the main logic of the process.

“About company” page setting up.

On this page, you should clear deliver the message of who you are. If you have any certificates, you could add them to this page according to this Wix tutorial. We will have a separate page with references, but if you have them, you can show them on this page as well. Here you can choose some

wix tutorial 2020
wix tutorial videos

Why do I like this website builder? Because it prepopulates all sections with template data. It’s easier to edit existing than write new from scratch.

“Contact” page setting up.

In this tutorial for Wix, we can edit the contact page the same way as others. But it provides its exciting functionality. Here we will have a contact form to get contacts from the user. Besides that, we will show our address on the map.

wix editor tutorial
wix code tutorial
wix website builder tutorial

“Why choose us” page setting up.

In this section, you should answer one question “Why the customer should buy your product”? This section is critical because that information will help the customer make the decision. On this page, you can include such information as:

Wix provides you some templates to choose from. So you don’t even need to think how it supposes to look like. Just click “Section Design” and select any design you like.

wix guide

After that, you can edit the text field with your text information. Plus, I would recommend adding the “More” button so after click user will jump to the buy page;

making website guide

You don’t need to repeat each step. I just teach you to understand the way it works. So you can set it up without me.

“Pricing” page setting up.

The Pricing section is also essential. My Wix tutorial shows you an excellent way to show the difference between all your prices in one place. So your customer will save a lot of time comparing different offers.
This section works the same way as others. First of all, you should choose the design. Click on “Section Design” and select any design you want.

making pracing webpage

Then pick any text sections you want to use:

You can put any media background if you want as well. 

services page tutorial

In the last step, you need to set up the information your customers will see in each separate item. You can add and remove that sections. And after that, change the text or picture.

servisec page instruction

“Get Quote” page setting up.

From my perspective, the “Contact Form” is the most critical element in getting the contact process. It is the final step before the customer will get in touch with you. So you need to make this step as simple as possible. I experimented, and I was shocked when figured out that:

That experiment shows how one field could change the conversion. I recommend you make the form as easy as possible. Especially it is critical with mobile users. Nobody likes to write a lot of text from their mobile.

Just follow the same steps. Pick the design first and then edit fields as you want.

get quote page explanation

“FAQ” page setting up.

The section of Frequently Asked Questions is not critical previous, but it is beneficial. According to the statistics, people ask the same type of questions before buying something. So it will be helpful for users to get all needed information very quickly. It will save a lot of your time because they will not ask you these questions on the phone.
The way of editing this section is the same. In the first step, you are choosing the design. And on the second step, you are editing items and put the information you want.

how to make faq page

Why Wix website builder tutorial is the best?

It is better even in comparison with official documentation. Because this Wix editor tutorial explains how the system works, after understanding all main approaches, you will be able to edit any part of your website. It does not cover any code, and you don’t need to be familiar with the code to make it work. Enjoy this Wix website builder tutorial and share it on Facebook to support.

If you don’t have a logo yet, check my guide to create a free logo without any help.

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