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Binary tree Java implementation. Simple example.

Boris~November 17, 2020 /Binary Tree

How to implement a binary tree in Java? That question is one of the most popular in any technical interview. A binary tree is one of the fundamental data structures. That’s why you should learn how to create it. In this lesson, I will show the most straightforward way of implementation.

Example of the binary tree? The step-by-step solution in Java.

To make it easier, let’s divide the process of creation into several basic steps:

binary tree java example
how to implement binary tree java


binary tree animation in java

Full code solution:

//Data class for tree node
    private static class TreeNode {
        //TreeNode construction

        //Can be any type of data
        private int data;
        //Left connection
        private TreeNode left;
        //Right connection
        private TreeNode right;

        public TreeNode(int data) {
   = data;

    private TreeNode simpleCreationOfTheTree(){
        //Creating several nodes for a tree
        TreeNode root = new TreeNode(10);
        TreeNode nodeOne = new TreeNode(8);
        TreeNode nodeTwo = new TreeNode(12);
        TreeNode nodeThree = new TreeNode(6);
        TreeNode nodeFour = new TreeNode(14);

        //Manual connecting nodes
        root.left = nodeOne;
        root.right = nodeTwo;
        nodeOne.left = nodeThree;
        nodeTwo.right = nodeFour;
        //             root
        //          /         \
        //      nodeOne       nodeTwo
        //      /      \       /   \
        //  nodeThree  null   null  nodeFour

        return root;

In this article, we figured out how to implement binary tree in Java.

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