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How to generate a QR code with a logo for free?

Boris~March 1, 2021 /About QR


There are several scenarios that we can handle with this. Let’s take a look at them:

Besides that, in case you don’t have a logo yet. I will show you how to make your logo quickly and for free.

I will show you an example of a free QR Code generator example. You can easily upload it on your mobile phone from the application  In one of my previous articles I have explained everything about all types of QR code generators and showed the best one.

choose logo for qr code
dimensions for picture
example of logo in middle of qr code

Can you turn a picture into a QR Code?

Yes. And it is elementary to do. To make it work, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the background icon from the menu
choose background for qr code
  1. Click on the “plus” button so you will be able to pick an image from the gallery. Note that your image must be square and 800×800 dimensions.
dimensions for background
  1. After you picked the image, it will appear as a background. 
logo as a background of the qr code
  1. To make your QR Code more eye-catching, I would recommend you put something in the middle. If you use 2D code for sending people to your Facebook page, you can set the Facebook logo in the middle. If you redirect the user to some webpage with the special offer, you can select the sign “Scan me.”
icon in middle of the qr code
  1. Besides that, I will be able to add some small text below the image. And add some promotion calls to action. For example, it might be “Scan to get -25%”.
sign for qr code

How can I make a logo for free?

There are tons of solutions on the internet. And most of them say that they are free. But not all of them are. Honestly, I hate when companies do that trick. You start working on their website, and only on the last step you figuring out that you need to pay for that. I understand that it is business, but why do you lie in your advertisement? 

google shows free logo makers

How to find a really free logo creator or any other kind of software?

There are two main schemas of how this kind of applications making money:

  1. They are making money on advertisement
  2. Selling some subscription plans or single purchase transactions

I prefer the first variant. I am OK to watch an advertisement and helping developers. In my personal project, I choose to follow this way. If you represent some company, it might be better to choose the second scenario. But if I need some quick, cheap solution, I would go with the company that provides some templates with restrictions and advertisements then pay the full amount at the start. 

Before starting your logo in any service and spending time there, check if they will allow you to download the result for free. For instance, I have started making the logo on this website. I have spent twenty minutes, and only on the last step, they asked me to pay for that. But as you see in the description, they said it is free. I wouldn’t say I like when a company does that.

I want to say that is the perfect solution in this case. To make your own logo for QR code, you need to follow several easy steps:

  1. Search in Google “canva create a logo” and click the link;
  2. After that, you can choose the template you like on the left side of your screen;
  3. Edit text and colors;
  4. And that is it. Just download the final result on your computer;

So what is the best free logo maker?

In my opinion, the best free logo maker is canva. And I will give you several points on that:

  1. The most important thing for me that they do not ask for mandatory payment at the end of the process. 
  2. They provide a very flexible and easy-to-use drag and drop redactor. It allows every person, does not depend on the technical level, to create a free logo for his Quick Response code.
real free logo maker

So to answer your question, “Can a logo be in QR Code”?

Yes, it can. I would say it must be there. People like pretty QR codes. It is eye-catching to have a colorful design on it. Instead of a regular black and white design, you can create your own beautiful design and put the middle or background logo. Your customers will not only scan it but also share it with their friends to show your high level of creativity.

Can you design your own QR code?

Absolutely yes. For that purpose, I am using the QRMagic app, but if you don’t like it, you can try another one. As I said earlier, when I am working on the design, I am trying to achieve several main goals:

  1. To make it eye-catchy. After I print it, I will make sure that more people pay attention to it and scan it. And that is what I want, right?
  2. I want to surprise people how regular black and white code might be colorful and bright. In this case, they will be excited to figure out what information is inside it. And even more, they might send a picture of it to their friends so I could get a free advertisement.


If you don’t use QR Codes in your business, you are losing such a powerful tool and opportunity. It is a magic tool that can connect your customer offline with your offer online in an exciting way. And you can customize it as you want. Don’t use regular black and white barcode. Generate custom colorful and pretty barcodes that will catch the eye of the customer. Put the logo in the middle, so your customer will know who is the owner of that creativity. All that steps will increase your sales. And it is so easy to do that. 

Besides that, you can use it in your personal life. For instance, I am using it to share my wifi with my guests. If somebody comes to my house, I give a QR code, and after the scan, they connect to my wife automatically. If you want to know how it works you can read this article.

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