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How to create a small business website for free?

Boris~April 9, 2021 /Business IT Tips
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In this article, we are going to discuss the basics of website development. We will discuss how to create a small business website for free. Our focus will remain on how people can build their own business website easily. Today, we have so many tools that can help us in website design and development.

What is a website?

The website is a collection of different web pages. The pages can include text, images, audio, charts, graphs, buttons or videos. Today we see a number of websites on the internet. Those are designed for a specific purpose. A website is your web presence where you can promote your business. You can set different pages for specific goals like engagement. You can also achieve lead generation, buying and selling, personal blog and contact. 

How to create a business website?

A few years back creating a business website was a challenging task. For which people were hiring developer and designer to build their web pages. Today we have a different tool that helps developer to create and update websites in less time. Website creation includes the implementation of different programming languages. The language like PHP, HTML, CSS, java, javascript, Python and others. However, the recent development in the IT world has changed the web development trend. Now, most of the web development is based on web builders. Web Builder has helped us to reduce the cost of development and increase efficiency.

Business website on google?

If you doubt that your business cost will increase then you can choose the google business website. Although it has limited options. If you are a beginner, you can choose the google business website. You can add your business details. It gives you the listing option as well. So you can add different products and can set their price. Many people are using the google business website that enables them to promote their business on the internet.

Google business website gives you basics web options that are as follow.

What is a Free business website builder?

A free website builder is a collection of program or instructions that allows you to design and develop your website. You can build the website fast and efficiently. It handles all the backend code. And provides you with the flexibility to add different options to your website. The good thing is that we have free website builders now. Different builders are WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify and many others. Developer contributes to open source communities to maintain these builders. The website builder allows you to manage your content easily. From the Dashboard, you can take control of your website. You can add pages or posts by yourself without going into backend coding.

How can I create a website for my business?

Today, Everyone has little technical knowledge. People who want to design a website for an online presence can use a Website builder. It depends on the requirements, which kind of web application you want to build. If you want to build a blog or Business directory the WordPress is a good option. It is also useful for Non-profit website, Job board and E-commerce website. People are also using WordPress for the Question & answer website, Portfolio presence or Personal website. Usually, WordPress and other website builders are best fitted for any situation. But if we are relying too much on the web application then we must have a developer.

How can I create a small business website for free?

CMS or website builders provide different options. These can be Templates, themes, modules and plugins. By using these we can design a website from scratch. Themes or templates help us to design the front end. Because we just need customization instead of full coding. It saves time. Similarly, plugins help to add desired functionality. You can avail pro plans for the plugin that will enable you to enjoy all of their functionality.

E-commerce businesses are mostly dependent on their web platforms. All the critical information including payment gateways details are stored in the database. Hackers always try to attack websites to steal this information and misuse it. WordPress allows different third party security tools which can help us to improve website security. Accessibility of these security extensions or plugins varies from free to paid. If your website data is important to you, You must avail these security tools to secure your web platform.

What is the best free website builder for small business?

It always remains a concern for the non-technical user that how easy is it to use a Content Management System or website builder. Most of the builder is very much user friendly. WordPress is easy to use the software. Different menu options are easily available and accessible where you can create posts, pages, article, media, template or users. You can simply explore multiple options with the WordPress dashboard.

The success or failure of a software system is highly dependent on the interface. Poor interfaces confuse users as they find it difficult to use that application. Even your application is providing so many features if users are unable to find the required options then your all efforts are useless. We usually experience that some websites are not running on our browser properly. It is because of the browser compatibility. These websites are not very well code or designed However, WordPress provide you with the flexibility of cross-browser compatibility. Means your website can be run on any web browser without any issue. So, We can say that WordPress is the best choice for small business.

WordPress development has changed the dynamics of Web Development, It is the most suitable website builder in every situation


Website builders have helped the Programmer and general user to structure the website. Creating, organizing and maintaining content no longer remained an issue. Web builders or Content Management System has benefited both the programmer and the non-technical user. It enables the non-technical user to keep their focus on the actual task instead of handling background coding. If you want to build a blog, Business directory, Non-profit website, Job board, E-commerce website, Question & answer website, Portfolio presence or Personal website WordPress address all the possible solution. You can confidently choose WordPress. It should be the first choice for small businesses.

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