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How do I create a custom website?

Boris~April 16, 2021 /Business IT Tips
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While making a web application, sometimes we get confused between choosing a Content Management System based website or a custom-coded website. Here we are analyzing both the Custom website and the cms. So let’s start.

What are custom websites?

custom website

Custom coded websites are built from scratch and it requires Professional Developers to properly build a website. The developers use different programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and others to design and develop the website. There is no limitation in creativity. Some advanced level requirements are difficult to handle with the content management system. But it can be 100% personalized according to your business needs. It is more efficient. As the websites are designed with specific business objectives and the target audience in mind. You have control over coding. You exactly know how many code lines are written for a specific feature.

Does a Custom website is better than the content management system?

It depends on the requirements of the user. CMS platforms offer a prebuilt graphical interface for managing your content without the help of Developers. It also offers you to build your site very fast and easily. Some CMS offer paid themes, while there are free options too. And some of them come with subscription systems. Each CMS is built to targeting specific business needs. For example, Shopify is perfect for E-commerce businesses whereas Kajabi is for online coaching businesses. CMS based websites are cheaper to build and maintain, while the customizability options are limited. 

The developers use different programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and others to design and develop the website

On the other hand, a custom website is reliable and you have access to the code. Everything is not free in CMS. There are so many paid plugins. While in a custom website you can add that feature from your developer. You are not relying on a third-party application. Overall we can say it is a better option if you are completely relying on the code and you need more control over it.

How do I create a custom website?

Developing a custom website is really tuff job. Because it involves a different process. Without following proper steps you cannot build a successful website. Different steps are as follow.

How much does it cost to build a website?

A custom website is more expensive to build and maintain than CMS based site. But if you consider it in long term then a custom website is a better option. In this, you will only invest one time and get the benefits in long run. While in cms you have to pay for plugins and themes every time. Along with the cost of domain and hosting you have to bear the developers or the team cost. Although you have the flexibility in design and development there is a cost of development. You can set around a $5000 budget for a custom website. And $ 500 annual maintenance cost. The budget varies according to your requirements. While a cms website can be started from $500. It is cheaper but has limitations. It is like building a house. You can either build it by hiring Engineers and Labours by yourself and design it exactly as you like. Or you can buy a prebuilt apartment instead, and make little adjustments to make it your home.

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