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How do you post a video to YouTube?

Boris~May 5, 2021 /Business IT Tips
how to post video on youtube

What is YouTube?

YouTube is the hub of video content for entertainment and also for business purposes. Some influences and big brands prefer to have a separate team dedicated to creating and uploading YouTube videos. If you just have a Startup or a small company. And initially, you do not want to invest much in a dedicated YouTube channel management team. Then you need to know how to post a video on YouTube. It is an easy process you can do it yourself. Getting your YouTube videos made by a graphic designer and uploading them yourself save your costs. That otherwise you might have to invest in a YouTube channel management team. 

What is the easiest way to post a video on YouTube?

There are several different yet similar ways to post a video on YouTube. The easiest method that you can use as a beginner is through your YouTube mobile application. You need to open your YouTube mobile application. And then click the plus button in the middle of the YouTube application toolbar on the bottom. After clicking it will require you to upload a video so you can browse the video on your device and select it for uploading. You might need to wait for the video uploading. Depending on the speed of your internet and the size of your video file. As the YouTube application has only basic uploading tools you will only be asked for description and title. Once you have provided the right description and title for the YouTube video. You can click upload now to upload it on the internet. 

How do you post a video to YouTube?

Another way to post videos on YouTube is to use YouTube on a personal computer to upload a YouTube video. You can upload a YouTube video by clicking on the camera icon right at the side of your profile picture. It will ask you to upload your YouTube video. After that, you need to put in the title and description along with thumbnail and tags. You will notice that there are more options to be self when it comes to YouTube uploading via a web browser. If you know YouTube SEO these functionalities can prove to be critical for your YouTube channel success. Due to extra options and functionalities of loading a YouTube video. Through a desktop web browser is the most recommended method for a YouTube channel manager. 

You might need to wait for the video uploading depending on the speed of your internet and the size of your video file

YouTube Video uploading through mobile desktop view:

The last two methods are basically an alternative to uploading through mobile but with a desktop view. You can upload a YouTube video by opening YouTube on your mobile web browser. And clicking on the desktop view from the settings. Once you click that option You YouTube will appear the same as it does on your personal computer. You can follow the same above-mentioned procedure to post a YouTube video through your mobile phone’s web browser. You can download the YouTube studio application on your mobile phone. To customize your YouTube videos through your smartphone with convenience. YouTube Studio is a must-have application. If you have a YouTube channel because it allows you to monitor your YouTube channel all the time. 

All these methods are for effectively posting a YouTube video. You can choose any of those or even multiple depending on your convenience. Once you learn the YouTube basics it will not be hard for you to manage your YouTube channel yourself.

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