How to Block a Website in Chrome browse? How to block a site in mobile?
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How to Block Websites on Chrome browser?

Boris~April 17, 2021 /Business IT Tips
block a website in chrome

How to Block Websites on Chrome browser?

Are you tired of the disturbing and continuous pop-ups on your device? You deserve to be focused and free of such distractions. You definitely want to block a website in a chrome browser. Most of these adverts or notifications coming from Google chrome are not filtered based on your interest. And most of the time they hinder your productivity especially when you are connected to the internet. They appear before you make any search on Chrome or even appear when you are not using the browser. But just for the fact that you are connected to the internet, you will always receive them.

What is the Solution for pop-ups?

Probably you have decided to stop using and uninstall Google Chrome? But I am glad to tell you that there is a solution. Google chrome provides you with the opportunity to select and filter the notifications you receive on your device. Whether you use a personal computer or a mobile device. You can easily block websites that are not of interest to you by following the simple steps.

Most of the adverts or notifications coming from Google chrome are not filtered based on your interest

How to block a website on Google Chrome using a computer?

To block a website using your computer, you need to add the Chrome “block site” extension to your Chrome. Extensions are additional software features that you add to your browser to allow it to perform a more specific function. In this case, you can block certain uninterested websites. To download this extension you can go to the chrome website store and search for the block site extension. You can easily read and scan through the overview of the extension. And also the other important information like people’s reviews and especially the icon of the extension. This will help you to easily identify the extension after downloading it.

How to add an extension in Google Chrome Browser?

To include an extension on your Chrome browser. Simply, click the “Add to Chrome” hyperlink at the top right part of the page. This action will automatically download the extension. After a successful download, the icon of the “block site” will be located at the top right corner of the browser (not the page). Chrome extensions are always located at the top right corner of the browser. Once you add a new extension, the icon feature will be added at the location.

To block any website, simply enter the site address on chrome or simply click on the notification whenever it pops up. Once the page is loaded. Click on the block site icon at the top right corner of the browser and click on “block this site”. Once, that is done, you will not receive any notifications from the site again. This extension allows you to enter a password. So that if by coincidence you click on a link that leads to the site, you can always have access to it. This is especially important to restrict students from accessing a particulate site when browsing. You can likewise unblock a site at any time by clicking the icon to remove the site from the blocked list.

block a website in chrome

How to block a website on your mobile android device?

To block websites on your device, all you need to do is to go to the Google Play store and download the “block site” app. After the installation of the app, grant the application the allowance to block apps and websites in your settings. To block a simply enter the address and click the green addition site and click on done.

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