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How to create a logo for Free? Builders and makers examples

Boris~March 9, 2021 /Business IT Tips

This article will figure out how to create a logo for free with a creator or builder online. Sometimes it also calls a logo generator. I will show you several simple and free tools that will help you in this process. You will get examples and links of the applications for the web and mobile as well. Let’s answer the most common questions that you may have regarding this theme.


How can I make my own company logo?

The answer depends on the device you use. Typically there are two ways to do that:

There are tons of solutions that you easy find by using the keyword “free logo maker” in the search field. Complete a list of examples you can see here.

How long will it take to create a logo?

It depends on the complexity. And design skills you have got. The logo is the smallest design element, so if you don’t need a complex custom solution, it might take from five to thirty minutes with templates’ help. On the other hand, a custom solution will take much longer.

What type of files will you get from the logo maker?

logo format

Most of the time, it is png format. It is the most common format because it has a transparent background. If you use jpeg, for instance, it has a white background. Sometimes you can get vector type of the logo.

Can I create the logo for free?

Yes, you can if you will use this list of the applications. Some other solutions say that they provide a logo for free, but they might ask you to pay at the end of the process. Many websites say that generating a logo is free but ask for payment at the end. Some companies can put a watermark on it. Another type of generator divides its templates into free and premium. 

really free

What is the best free logo maker?

If we are talking about web applications, I would say Canva. In comparison with other solutions, they allow downloading the logo without any subscriptions and restrictions. In case you want to use a logo generator on mobile, it is easier to find a free solution. The final list you can check here.

Is Canva create logo for free?

Yes, as they say on their website, it is free. From my perspective, this is the best solution if you want to use a web logo generator. 

Are Canva images copyrighted?

You can check their official website, but I understand you can use it without restrictions for non-commercial purposes. But before that, please follow this link and check it by yourself. 

Do you need to provide my email to use the logo maker?

It depends on the application. Some applications ask you to register before the system generates a logo for you. 

What is the best app to make a logo on an Android phone?

As an Android user, I will show the Play Market applications that will help you create a logo by yourself. But I am sure that iOS has the same equivalents. To find that kind of application, you should search for the keyword “logo maker”. 

Here, I would give you some advice. Do not spend much time customizing the logo. Try to upload it first because some applications ask you to pay for the generated logo at the end of the process. I don’t want to face the situation when you spend thirty minutes making a logo and figuring out that you must pay for that. That is fine to pay for that. But there are a lot of applications that can provide you some templates for free. That is one of the examples.

How can I create my own logo for Android?

The process of generating a logo on Android is pretty straightforward. You need to follow these steps:

That is it, after these several steps, you will be able to create and download the logo for your company. 


If you want a unique custom design and have a budget for a designer, you can hire a designer to make a logo for you. But if you want a simple template solution, there are many web or mobile applications that can help you create a logo by yourself without any issues. Some of them ask for money, but some of them provide free templates for non-commercial use. 

I hope that article will help you in making a logo and save your time and money. If you find it useful, I will appreciate it if you share it on social networks.

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