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How to design a colored QR code?

Boris~May 11, 2021 /About QR
Colored QR Code

What is a colored QR code?

Typically QR codes come in black dots or squares connected together in a specific manner on a plain white background. Such QR codes may not be suitable for aesthetic posters, websites, or colorful business cards. Some businesses want to take another step and generate colorful QR codes. Those are appealing and go with the business theme well. A colored QR Code is made from a combination of various colors, developing squares and circles that connect together to make patterns. The most colorful QR code that I have ever seen is the Instagram profile QR code. That you can check from your application. 

Can we design a white QR code?

Yes, it is possible to generate a white QR code. But it is essential to know that you cannot generate a white QR code on a white background. Because it will not be readable by the QR code scanner. You need to make sure that there is a contrast in the QR code pattern and the background. So that it can be readable.

Does a customized QR code look cool?

Customized Colored QR Code codes look absolutely fabulous on aesthetic posters and websites. Customized and colorful QR codes also make sure that client pays attention to them. And gets curious to scan them for accessing information. Traditional black and white QR codes can sometimes be neglected by the clients, just like barcodes on the products.

How to design a colored QR code?

There can be several reasons for requiring a Colored QR Code. One of the most common reasons is aesthetics. Sometimes people need a QR code that matches the scheme of their business. And sometimes the reasons are practical because people perceive that a black and white QR code will not gain attention.

You need to be very careful while choosing a color for your QR code, Make sure it matches with your brand or business color scheme.

There are various QR code-generating websites that allow you to customize the colors of your generated QR code. One of the famous colorful QR code developing websites is QR Code Tiger. It is easy to open the website and select the type of content. That you want to appeal against the particular QR code. Select the type of content according to the information you want to appear against our QR code. It can be like an image, link, or PDF. Now a form will appear that will ask you to upload the content for the QR code.

You need to browse the contents from your device and wait for it to upload on the website. Once the content is uploaded, click generate QR code button. After that, you will be asked to choose the color scheme for your QR code. After selecting the color scheme, you can click generate QR code, and a colorful QR code will be displayed. You are not satisfied with the end result of the colorful QR code. You can always go back and adjust the color selection.

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