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How to Design a portfolio website?

Boris~April 28, 2021 /Business IT Tips
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What are portfolio websites?

A portfolio website simply consists of two words, portfolio, and website. A portfolio can refer to a file or document of information about an individual or a company. And a website is an online space that is synonymous with a physical office or room. It can be likened to a virtual office of an individual or an organization. A portfolio website, therefore, provides information about an individual or an organization. It is mainly developed to convince an audience about the competence of an organization or a client. It has many distinct features that make it different from other forms of website and some of these features include:

Work Samples:

A showcase of your work or product will be compelling content for your audience. It helps a prospective client to have a feel of your expertise. And if it is of high quality, the client is likely to hire you. You should include only your best works.

Experience and Credentials:

Showcasing your samples first and then talking about your experience, gives credibility to the information you provide. It helps to develop trust. Your experience and credentials should also match your samples. Sharing your experience should not be difficult and will be interesting once you have gained expertise. All you just have to do is to share a summary of how you developed your skill in such a way as to convince a client that you are great with your skill.


Testimonials are also known as social media proofs. It is a section that reveals how your service has added value to your previous clients. A testimonial is not a description of how you have helped the client rather it is the client’s expression of how they have been helped by you. The best testimonials do not only include a statement from a past client. But will include a quality passport photograph, name, and the occupation of the client. A testimonial is a strong compelling force that can make clients buy your service.

Web builders portfolio website comes with customizable templates that allow you to design your website by dragging and droplets elements.

List of services:

A list of services shows the various types of needs that you can meet. It helps the client to be able to find specific information relating to their problem or need without wasting time. It helps a visitor to be quick to decide to hire you or not.


This is the section that gives access for any visitor to easily contact you. A good portfolio without contact will discourage prospective clients and will make them search for other service providers

in the same niche. A contact could be in form of an email, office address, social media links, and other means of communication. A contact is facilitated when you put a call-to-action in the contact section. A call-to-action simply tells the visitor the right actions to take to be able to benefit from your service or to be able to discuss with you.

What are the best websites for portfolios?

There are several portfolio websites and you can easily browse around to make your choice. Here is a list of the top 10 portfolio websites and the cost of each of them.

Behance (free)

Adobe Portfolio (free for 60 days and then $9.99 per month or 52.99 annually)

Wix (offers free 500MB storage and premium plans of $10/month)

JournoPortfolio (free with the lowest premium starting from $4.99/month)

Fabrik (offers 14 days free trial and premiums, personal, professional, and unlimited which cost $19.58)

FolioLink (at $15/month)

Weebly (offers free basic package and business package at £18/month)

Fotomat (€12/month)

Squarespace ( personal at £10/month and business at £15/month)

Portfoliobox (free and Pro at £6.41)

How to design a portfolio website?

All the above mention portfolio website comes with customizable templates that allow you to design your website by dragging and droplets elements. They are very easy to use and have a layman user interface and experience interface. To design your website you can do it yourself or hire a freelancer to develop a professional one. Some of these portfolio websites allow you to choose to develop your website yourself or allows some of their professional or the operating to design it for you.

Wix portfolios:

Wix is one of the most used portfolio websites that allows you to design your website. Using interesting and creative templates and providing you an amazing user experience. It has many top-rated features like

Fully Hosted Solution

500+ Templates

Create a Website with Wix ADI or within the Wix Editor

24/7 Support

Free and Premium Wix Packages

Wix portfolio website allows you to be easily discovered in searches because it offers an SEO optimization advantage. Wix portfolio maker is a highly recommended website builder.

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