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How to Design a Website

Boris~April 25, 2021 /Business IT Tips
How to Design a Website

Designing of website is a complex process when it comes to the difficulty level. Because people who know basic computer skills and are good at following instructions can do it easily. Even if they do not know any programming language at all; however, people who do not possess these basic skills cannot do it irrespective of how much they try. Website builders have made website designing easier than ever. Major website builders aim to provide maximum convenience to website designers. And that is why even the most complex web designs are now made easy and within minimum time. When you start the designing phase, it is very confusing where you should start from. And that is why it is important to have a roadmap so that you remain on the right track.

What are important aspects of Website Designing?

Frontend developers use coding techniques to turn the website designs into reality. Making aesthetic website design needs different skill sets in one developer. People know how to code, but as they don’t have all the skill sets, output suffers. A good web design has a smart site architecture that shows a good balance in content and visuals. It is made up of smaller file size infographics and pictures. So that the loading speed of a website does not fall on low-speed internet connections. While using website builders like WordPress or Wix the web designer does not need to program using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as web builders work differently.

Developers need to make certain changes to the website well before completion. Surprisingly typography makes a lot of difference in the end design. Most designers ignore typography and focus on infographics. If you think your site fonts are not attractive, contact a designer. There is a couple of other software that you may need for good design. These are like Adobe Illustrator, Canva, and Piktochart. Good website builders come with pre-existing website design templates that can be modified according to business requirements. We are discussing some important step to follow to design a website.

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Step 1: Plan Website Design

You need to keep your goals in mind before starting the design process. It is important to first look at the website of your competitors. To see what type of website designs they are using to attract their customers. You need to choose which type of website suits your goals the best. For either, it is going to be a single page or multiple page websites. The next important decision is to decide which website builder you will use. That provides you a better long-term advantage as migrating your website is a troublesome process. Once you have decided on your website builder, define the layout of your website and start by claiming your domain.

Step 2: Execute Website Design:

It’s time to execute your website design according to the website map that you have made. Make the right pages on your website and design your website elements according to your requirements. You might need to understand some professional tools that can help you make a better website design.

Website builders have made website designing easier than ever. Major website builders aim to provide maximum convenience to website designers.

Step 3: Make an Impact:

Once your website design is complete, it’s time to make it accessible to the public. So, that you are your client, can take maximum advantage of your online presence. Once your website is live on Google next, you need to optimize it for a mobile phone. Because most users nowadays use mobile devices to access websites. Make your Search Engine Optimization better so that your website ranks well. You must ask your visitors for feedback so that you can understand the flaws of your website design.


Your website design needs to be attractive and compelling to become a symbol of your credibility and authenticity. Ensure that you use the minimum size of images and illustrations. So that it does not affect the website’s loading speed, resulting in loss of visitors. You need to keep updating your website design according to the latest website trends at least annually to keep your website updated. Also, the website theme should be coherent with the brand image and colour schemes. The fonts must be consistent, and you need to make sure the website is not stuffed with unnecessary information or animations.

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