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How to edit the Wix website quickly? 5 Critical things you should know about it.

Boris~March 24, 2021 /Business IT Tips

If you want to edit the Wix website, you should understand how does that platform work. But you are lucky because, from the user point of view, the Wix is one of the best and easiest to edit website builders. Because it works on principles of drag-and-drop. That means you don’t need to know code or programming. You are just editing it with the help of your mouse. The first step to go into Wix editor is to open the dashboard. 

edit wix website
That is how drag-drop-works

How do I open a dashboard in Wix?

To open the client dashboard and make changes to your portal, you should follow these steps. After this, you will be able to get edit Wix website link:

edit wix site
Entering the edit mode

How do I edit my Wix site?

Sometimes users got problems and asking themselves, “Why can’t I edit my Wix website”. However, it is straightforward, and you need to follow three basic steps:

For instance, if you are managing the Wix business website and you want to change contact information. For that purpose, you need to go in edit mode and then:

wixsite editor
Changing contact page number

Can I edit WIX website on phone?

If you want to make changes with your mobile’s help, you can follow the same steps above. In addition to that, I would recommend using the Wix mobile editor application.

Why can’t I edit my site on Wix?

Maybe because you are not in edit mode, or the second reason might be no right to edit the element. 

wix editor mobile
Entering edit mode

How do I add a page to my Wix page?

Above all, keep in mind that the website contains pages. The page is the fundamental element. 

wix edit my site
Schema of the website

You can add the page while you are in edit mode after these steps:

wix multi page site
That is templates for pages

How do I manage pages on Wix?

Since we already know that the website contains pages, keep in mind that each page includes elements. To manage data on the web page, you should set up each element to explain editing the most common features you can find in this article.

page within a page wix
Changing data on the element

How do I add a page section on Wix?

parts of wix
Schema how each section works

If you want to add a new section on the page, you should first open the needed page, as I show HERE. And then follow these steps:

Making a page on Wix is like doing a puzzle. In other words, the editor provides you lot of small pieces that you just put together as you want. And the list of the sections that you can add is huge. 

how to delete a section in wix
All sections that you can add

How to add an app to your page?

Page section is nothing but part of the page that provides some media or text content. Because the app is a more complicated mechanism that has some logic behind it. For instance, if you want to show some “About Us” paragraph, it will be a page section. But if you’re going to add Forum or an online store, it will be the app. Do you see the difference in complexity? Moreover, one more thing I noticed about the apps is that you will find them on the dashboard after adding them to the page. From the user point of view, it becomes easy to control the modules from one place: dashboard while editing existing Wix website. 

wix adi pages
Applications that you can add

The list of applications includes:

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