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How to generate QR code for pdf file?

Boris~May 10, 2021 /About QR
qr code for pdf file

Can we generate a QR code for a pdf file?

Yes, this is possible for anyone to create a QR code for a PDF file. It is essential to know that you cannot generate a QR code for PDF files that are beyond 20 MB in file size. Not all websites offer services to generate a PDF QR code, so you must search for one that does.

What is a QR code pdf generator?

QR code PDF generator is an application or a website. That has the capability to convert PDF into the QR code so that they can be scanned. You need to share the PDF QR code with people you want to share the PDF with. The QR code can either contain a PDF file that is less than 20MB. Or a link to a PDF file. You can easily find a typical QR code generator. But it can be a tricky task to find a PDF QR generator. So it is always easier to use a link in the QR code for convenience.

Anyone who does not know how to code or program can easily generate a QR code online

How to generate QR code for pdf file?

PDFs are very useful, and that is why organizations need to share various PDF files with clients or publicly. And the best way to do it through QR codes. Just imagine that a company needs to share its complete profile or details of the event. That cannot be incorporated just in a poster. They can provide a QR code containing a PDF on the poster. So that any person who requires further information can access the PDF through the QR code.

There are 2 ways to create a QR code that contains a PDF. The first one is straightforward. You need to find a PDF QR code generator. And then open it to provide the type of content you want to upload. Select PDF file as the type of content and upload the PDF file below 20MB in size; whenever a person with scans the QR code, the PDF file will be displayed through the PDF file generator website. Generating a PDF QR code is not for everyone. You might not easily find a PDF QR code generator that is free. If you are unable to find a free PDF QR code generator, don’t worry. There is another method that you can use to generate a PDF QR code with the typical QR code generator.

PDF file creation with Google Drive:

You need to upload the PDF on Google Drive. And change the privacy to publicly available to get a link for sharing. Go to a QR code generator and select link in the type of content to paste the link from Google Drive. The QR code generator will provide you a QR code against this link. That you can download and share with people. When people scan this PDF QR code. They will get a link to Google drive that they can open to access your PDF.

Both methods of generating a PDF QR code are easy. Anyone who does not know how to code or program can easily generate a QR code online. Make sure that you test your PDF QR code before sharing it. To make sure that it works properly and does not take much time to load.

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