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How to hire a developer? Freelancer

Boris~January 25, 2021 /IT Management Videos
how to hire developer

Ben wants to hire a developer to make an application for his business. He is not familiar with the technologies and is scared to hire the wrong person for a long-term partnership. Ben doesn’t want to lose time and money and, in the middle of the process. He is not sure if it is safe to work with freelancers. And he got much more concerned about choosing the wrong technology because of lack of experience. In this video, I will show you the most critical moments in search of a good development team to make a good long-term partnership. I am a developer and I know some secrets. 

I divide all developers into three categories:

  1. Freelancers, individuals that provide development by themselves.
  2. The company, third-party company that will develop software for you.
  3. Your team of developers.

Let’s discuss each of them in more detail.


Who? Most of the time, it is a person that has enough expertise to work with some technology. He works for himself. 

How to hire? It could be easy found on any freelance platform. You can find a lot of companies there as well.

Price? Most of the time, it is the cheapest way of development. But sometimes, companies on freelance websites bid with a very high number.


  1. Easy to start the project with a not reliable person that one day can disappear
  2. To do a successful project with freelancers’ help, you need to have enough expertise to check the way he is working on your project. For example, check the code, check the technology.
  3. Security. You will not be able to work with freelancers if your application works with some private personal data.


  1. The cheapest solution
  2. Easy to find for any work and kind of the project

Tips to find a reliable developer:

  1. If you want to hire a developer and can choose between a local freelancer from your city and outside, try to choose a local one.
  2. Check references and recommendations. Always check the reviews in the freelancer’s profile and how long he is working on the platform. It’s even better if somebody you know in person already worked with him.
  3. Try not to give all parts of the project to one freelancer. It is better to hire a different person for the other part. For example, when I was hiring freelancers for my applications. One person prepared the design, and another person implements that design inside the app and the third person implements another logic. That gives me the flexibility to change freelancers if needed and make the total cost much cheaper. This technique allowed me to work with different freelancers and filter the most reliable and professional ones. After that, I was able to continue working only with them. As I said earlier, divide your project into small pieces, it will reduce the total cost and protects your project from the undesired result.
  4. If you want to hire a developer the communication level is critical here. Since most of the time, you will work only remotely, pay attention to the communication level. Check does freelancer comes online in time without delay. Have you been notified if he is not able to go online in time? Based on my experience, if the person shows a low communication level initially, it will be challenging to work with him on the project.
  5. First, give the freelancer small tasks to check the quality of his work. And to check how reliable is that person.
  6. Always pay only through the platform, not directly to the freelancer. After you pay the milestone, the platform will hold that money until you accept the project. In case of a conflict, the platform will help both sides to find the solution.


I have considerable experience working with freelancers. If you want to hire a developer and know to work in the right way, it will reduce the cost of development by hundreds and thousands of dollars. If you make a mistake, you risk losing a lot of time and money. That small tips will help you avoid problems in working with freelancers.

In the next video, I will tell you about working with the companies that provide development. And how to make your tech team.

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