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How to Minimize Screen on different Operating System

Boris~April 4, 2021 /Business IT Tips
how to minimize screen


In this article, we going to discuss very basic things related to computer. Many people don’t know how to Minimize Screen on different Operating System. And they face issues regarding that. At times they open too many windows and get confused so we are highlighting all such issues.

How to Minimize Screen on different Operating System?

If you have opened a lot of windows, you’re tired of minimizing and bringing them back. Then we are giving you the solution how to reduce screen for all of your programs or apps. It will even work if they’re not fullscreen.
Aero Shake is a feature introduced with Windows 7. We can still enjoy its functionality in Windows 10 as well. It allows you to minimize all screens quickly except for one that you want to open. It happens by shaking the current window with a mouse.

How to enable or disable the Aero Shake settings?

Don’t people know how to enable or disable the Aero Shake settings? So, to enable or disable the Aero Shake settings, you need to navigate to the start button. Go to settings by clicking on the settings app. This combination will open the windows setting page. Next, click on “system,” then “multitasking” on the settings page’s left side. Under “snap windows settings” in the Multitasking page, if it’s currently turned off. Just click on the on and off slider to enable it. To Turn off, click on the slider to turn off or disable. If you’re not happy with the Aero Shake feature, you can turn it off at any time.

How do I minimize my screen without a mouse?

There are two simple ways to use the Aero Shake, using your mouse or windows shortcut keys. For example, you’ll have many windows open on the desktop. We could minimize each window individually by clicking on the minimize button for each one but that would take time to do each one.
Using the mouse or keyboard shortcut is a way to minimize all the windows showing on the desktop except for the one. That way, you can focus on your current window without having the clutter on the screen. Put the cursor on the title bar of your screen. Or the precise area to the right side of the tabs in your browser. You are working on it. The left-click held down and shook your mouse back and forth from left to right to minimize all windows.

What is the best Shortcut key for minimizing the screen?

Minimizing the screen with the mouse can be risky if you are in a hurry and focused. We often experience clicking on the close button X button instead of minimizing the button, and our screen gets close, and we lost our session and data. To address this issue, we have a Keyboard shortcut key that will allow you to quickly minimize or maximize all screens. If you have multiple windows or screens open, Press WindowKey + D., It will minimize all the viewable screens or applications at once. To get everything back repeat the same function WindowKey + D. All the screens will get back where it was. To minimize the window which is active to the taskbar, you can also use WindowKey + Down Arrow And repeat the same to maximize the window.

How do I restore minimize maximize?

If you want to return all windows back to the desktop, with the cursor on the title bar or next to the program’s tabs you are working on. One way is With the left button held down and shake your mouse to move back and forth. Another way to minimize the windows is using the windows shortcut keys.
Click on the window that you would like to work on. Next step, hold down the Windows key and press the Home key to minimize all windows. To return all windows back to the desktop, hold down the Window key. After that, press the Home key to return the apps. To maximize the active window to the taskbar, you can also use WindowKey + Up Arrow. It will bring everything back on screen.

How to minimize screen on mac?

Minimizing or maximizing is not just a Windows user problem. But the apple mac users are also in trouble. But don’t worry, we have the solution. Within the toolbar of each application, you will see a group of three buttons near the upper left corner. The first will let you close the window. The second minimizes that application into the icon. To get it back, click on the icon in the dock. The third button is to zoom. By pressing this, most applications will fill the application to take up as much space as possible. Click it a second time will bring it back to its smaller size.
In the very right corner of the application’s toolbar, you may see a Full-Screen icon. Clicking this will make the application fill the entire screen. It will automatically hide the Menu Bar, and if we need access, simply position your cursor at the very top. To exit the Full-Screen mode, you can click the Exit Full-Screen mode button on the Menu Bar’s right side or press the Escape key on the keyboard.

If you want to minimize the screen with the keyboard shortcut key, then press Command-M. It will hide and minimize all the applications. If you want to restore the screen, press the Cmd + tab, select your option, and then release it. It will restore the screen.

How to minimize the screen on android?

About half of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices. That has made developers, and website owners think about shifting web platforms to mobile-friendly and platform-independent. It is essential to capitalize on all internet potentials and know how to minimize screen on android? When you are watching a video or using any app and want to minimize that, press the Home button. With this combination, you will minimize all applications. And if you’re going to restore the go to your recent app and select your app you want to restore.

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