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How to set up QR code tracking?

Boris~July 29, 2021 /About QR
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What is QR code tracking?

When QR codes are scanned, the data from the scan is tracked. This data consists of the location of the scan, time of the scan, number of scans, and the type of device. Through which the scan is completed. But the question arises of how to set up QR code tracking? Well! it is easy. It helps in the regulation of the QR code.

How does QR tracking work?

The type of mobile phone used during the scan is determined by the specific working framework designed in the software. The location of the scan can be tracked with the help of an IP address. It also gives information on the time frame of the scan.

Integration in Google analytics helps you in tracking the customer journey and make changes accordingly in your QR code. The tracked data gives you an idea about your target audience.

How to set up QR code tracking?

While setting up the QR code, you can utilize Google Analytics as your QR code tracking and reporting framework. You have to sign up for a Google Analytics account. Connect your website to it, and then create URLs through their campaign URL builder. And then spread it through various sources. Once logged in, the Google Analytics dashboard shows continuous reports dependent on areas, traffic sources, and content. Along with Crowd based reports covering absolute clients, dynamic clients, gadgets, working framework, program, and socioeconomics. Site-zeroed in reports focused on client stream, time-on-page, and a lot more features.

The tracked data can be exported to a CSV file. Which allows you to analyze and regulate your campaigns in further ways. The CSV sheet gives details about the performance of your campaign on an hourly basis.

QR code tracking integration with Google Analytics?

Once the QR code is integrated, your entire website’s data is available in your dashboard which includes

  1. The number of visitors
  2. The device used – OS or desktop/mobile
  3. The browser used
  4. Demographics of visitors
  5. Referral Sites
  6. PPC campaigns
  7. Best performing keywords
  8. User behavior

Integration in Google analytics helps you in tracking the customer journey and make changes accordingly in your QR code. The tracked data gives you an idea about your target audience, strategizes your best campaign, and also modifies it for the best gains.

How to Create Trackable QR Codes?

This is a manual method of QR code tracking, however a profoundly mainstream way. As it incorporates with the SEO giant, Google Analytics. This is the reason numerous QR code chiefs search for how to follow QR code traffic in Google Analytics

This technique requires essential tech information. For your site, you just need to create a campaign to utilize your Analytics record. To figure out how much traffic is coming from your codes. 

For this, you need to utilize the Google Campaign Builder device. It is intended for making an unmistakable URL by expressing the campaign’s source, Medium, and Name. When these subtleties are filled, a distinct following URL is naturally produced. 

Next, you need to duplicate this URL and use it when asked while producing a QR code utilizing an online device. This is all it takes to track a QR code. When being used, the code makes the above-mentioned data accessible in the Analytics account. You would then be able to see the number of individuals who scanned the code. The gadgets used to scan it, and how long they were on your site.

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