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How to start a free blog website and earn money from it?

Boris~April 23, 2021 /Business IT Tips
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How do I create a free blog? How do I start a free blog and make money?

A blog site is a unique form of website that offers value especially in form of information to a target audience. A blog site employs a conversational type style of engaging the audience. While creating a blog we want to know how to start a free blog. Contents on a blog site are meant to offer value. Especially the type that solves a problem and then builds a relationship with the user. The advantage of the conversational style of writing is that it creates a personalized scenario for every blog user or the audience. In other words, every user sees the content from a personalized perspective as if it was only written to them. This is the uniqueness of blog sites.

Another important feature of blog content is that they offer specific value. The best blog sites have a niche. The specificity of a blog site service makes people easily recall. And would want to visit the site many times.

Choosing a simple domain name not more than 3 words and not more than 15 characters is good. It helps individual users to easily recall the website address and make more visit.

The goal of every intelligent blogger is not just to create massive but contents that is value –adding and engaging. So that traffic to the blog site increases daily. This is how bloggers are able to earn. To start a free blog and be able to build content that readers are always interested to visit, over and over again it truly takes time and diligence. Success can only be achieved over time and not overnight.

How To Create A Blog Site?

With custom made templates website like WordPress creating a blog site is very easy. That allows content developers to design and launch their functioning website within a relatively short period of time. Such website builders allow you to design your website by just dragging and dropping elements. And you can and launch a website over the weekend. There are different other Content Management System that allows you to build your website. Some of these include Wix, Blogspot, Hostgator’s among many others. It is very easy to start free blog sites with these platforms.

How To Earn From Your free Blog Site?

To be able to earn with your website, first have massive traffic on your blog site. This is where the work lies. Until your newly started free blog or website becomes a huge daily convergence for people, you cannot earn with it. These are some of the major ways you can earn from your blog site.

Offer a service to your audience:

This means turning your blog content is sales content that makes people take a call to action to buy your service. This service could be an online course, ebooks, tutorials, and coaching. You have to be skilful in copywriting to be able to make turn your audience into customers.

Run display ads:

If you start a free blog and want to earn money, you can display ads o the website. Display ads are simply adverts that you give access to run on your website. It is a huge source of income if you have a great number of audiences. When people click ads that are displayed on your blog site, you will earn. The higher the visits to your website, the higher the chance that the displayed ads get clicked. The most common ad network is Google AdSense.

Until your newly started free blog or website becomes a huge daily convergence for people, you cannot earn with it

Do Affiliate Marketing:

This is simply marketing a service or a product of a company through your blog site. You simply register with a company and based on your agreement, you will get a percentage from every sale that is made through your affiliate link. Once, a sale is made through your affiliate link, you will get your share of the profit, usually, automatically. All you have to do is to use your affiliate as the final call to action.

Many make a huge income from their blog site and you can also make yours if you put in the work and you consistent enough to build a large audience.

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