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How to upload a video on YouTube channel?

Boris~April 21, 2021 /Business IT Tips
how to upload youtube video

How to post YouTube videos?

If you are a new YouTube video creator and have started a new channel, you definitely need to know how to upload a video YouTube channel? So that it is available for the general public to view. Some people or companies hire YouTube channel managers to do such tasks for them, but this is not necessary as you can do it yourself. Here are some steps to follow.

How to upload a video on a YouTube channel?

Once you have created and edited your video to fit YouTube player size, the next step is to upload the video on your YouTube channel. Transfer your video to your laptop if you wish to use that for uploading your YouTube video. Go to YouTube and log in to your account. You will see a video camera icon. Click that video camera icon and upload your desired video. The next step is to add all the required fields in the video upload Form of YouTube. Once you have filled it completely and add it your customized thumbnail, click upload now.

How to upload video on YouTube from a mobile phone?

It’s always better to use a laptop for a YouTube channel; however, if you do not have one, you can always use your mobile phone to upload videos through the YouTube application. Open the YouTube application, you will see a plus sign in the bottom-middle. You can click it to select the video and provide information to upload. You can also use the web view on a Chrome browser for a YouTube website to use it exactly like you use it on your laptop. YouTube Studio application can help you manage your YouTube channel on your tablet or mobile device.

An attractive thumbnail of the video can bring more traffic of views and engagement

How to upload 360 video on YouTube?

The 360 camera can capture some really shareable pictures and videos. And luckily, YouTube is a platform that does support 360 cycle videos on various browsers like Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Firefox. First, you need to stitch the Fire through stitching software and then use editing software to ensure sequence. It is better to encode your YouTube video at a higher resolution. To upload your 360 videos, you need to modify a file with Adobe Premiere of the year 2019 for a higher version. Enable your feedback while uploading the video, and keep in mind that it may take about one hour to upload.

What is the YouTube video format for uploading?

Being the online video king, YouTube supports more than 9 formats for a video that includes an AVI, MPEG4, FLV, WebM, and many more. YouTube supports a number of different video formats. Still, it does not mean that all provide the same quality videos and smooth browsing, and that is why the most recommended file format on YouTube is H.264 MP4 video with AAC audio codec. The beauty of this format is that it produces high-quality videos that also smaller in file size and consequently play smoothly even on slower internet connections. You can also change the video formats through various cloud-based online tools for YouTube.

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