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SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle Hints

Boris~January 21, 2021 /IT Management Videos

Software development is integral for any brand nowadays, but it can harm the brand image if something goes wrong. It would be best if you outline each software development step to be well planned and executed. Step by step software development execution ensures bug-free and smooth running software. Following are the stages of the software development lifecycle SDLC.

Software Development Life Cycle steps

Do Proper Research and Analyze the requirements:

Research is an integral step of software development. Because you need to know what your competitors are doing to do it better and grab an edge over them. You need to check customer reviews on their product to see what customers expect. And more importantly, focus on what customers find annoying or problematic. So that you do not repeat them during your software development.

Requirement Analysis and Design are the most critical steps. Check your competitors. Install their application. Use it by yourself. Or if it is a website. Test it as well. Write down all things you like and all things you don’t. Read the reviews of their users and write down their concerns. I recommend you to focus mostly on “bad” things. To avoid them in your product.

Analyse Critically the product in SDLC process:

It is better to be critical about your product before its launch because customers are the most observant of negativities. Outline what technology you are going to use and what features customers need the most.

Ask critical questions about the technology you are going to use. For example: “How are we going to maintain the app and add new features?”, “Is it easy to find new developers to work on our product?”, “Will we use an out-of-box solution, or will it be custom?”. Always keep in mind if it is custom, it will cost more. If it is rare technology or programming language, it will cost more. And the most important thing is adding features, scaling the app, and maintaining the existing because many features come after the product has been released.

Clear Communication is Key in SDLC:

Precise and smooth communication among developers and businesses is essential for getting the desired software development. You must choose and plan communication intervals and channels that ensure effective and fast communication. Development milestones should be e set with the development team so that they are accountable for their progress. The company needs to share its expectations with the development team in the most straightforward way to know what you require.

Think about communication. It is key factor in SDLC. How will the business communicate with the development team? How high is the person’s technical level that will transform business need in development tasks? As high the technical level of that person as faster and cheaper will be development process? Also, clarify how often the development team will provide the milestone results? What is the best way of communication in the team, email/phone or in-person?

Proper Testing of software in SDLC:

Software development companies test their software before selling them to their clients; however, if you have concerns, you need to be critically tested to ensure it works properly. You can test the software in your organization on different models of computers and other devices.

Test the product without a rush. At least test it manually, and all bugs and defects put it on the list. If you want your product better from the code point of view, it supposes to be covered by automation tests. Plus, I recommend testing your product on several different devices with different environments like operational systems, dimensions of the screen, etc.

Proper Follow-Up:

Once tested and you need to follow up on the performance of your software and keep a view on the latest developments to ensure your technological upgrades that keep your software running like new. Customers are the first to identify any errors or missing features that can make your software better, so their reviews are a great source of information.

This step has to be covered by the planning phase. After release, you should track analytics all the time. To follow your app performance, you can use a free tool from firebase crashlytics. It will show if something goes wrong and you have critical issues.

Save Time and Money:

Software development doesn’t have to be time taking, troublesome, and costly enough to break your bank. Companies develop the best software. As they have a reputation to maintain and a complete quality assurance team to ensure errorless software production. They take less time than individual developers and charge less due to increasing competition in software development industries. Remember that rare programming languages, customizations, and software maintenance add to the overall cost and increase the required budget for development.


Companies often require customized software to meet their particular needs or sell them to their clients. And that is why the software development life cycle SDLC should be a well-executed process. The most prominent example can be mobile applications developed by restaurants. To order food online directly from them instead of third-party delivery systems. If the application is problematic, what do clients do? Uninstall! That is why applications need to be flawless.

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