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What is a landing page? How does the landing page work?

Boris~April 10, 2021 /Business IT Tips


In this article, we are going to discuss the basics of the landing page. We often see different websites set up their pages for specific information. Landing page examples can better describe the context. So Let’s start with the introduction.

What is a landing page?   

When you think about landing, what comes into your imagination? A plane that has come from a long journey and now to reach its destination it is “landing” on the airport. So, the airport will be the first thing a person sees on arrival, just like that landing page is the very first thing that a person will see when they land on the website. It is placed there to convert the coming traffic into leads. The landing page stands alone is often displayed when you navigate through the pages on the website. Although initially they were considered disruptive now it is a proven fact they are great at capturing visitor’s attention.

What are landing page examples?   

Landing pages are often available on the websites that you visit. Landing pages are not a necessary part of a website, but due to their ability to generate leads from visitors, they are now on almost all websites. You might be able to recall a landing page on some e-book website that asks you for some of your personal information like email in exchange for a free e-book. These are the landing page examples. Not all websites offer such freebies, but they all try to engage the visitors. Perhaps most common landing page examples the websitesSome landing pages ask you to subscribe to their newsletters or notifications. Some websites have very creative landing pages that represent their brand.

How does the landing page work?   

Most landing pages work by the display of a call to action, It is one of the landing page examples. Visitors then fill a form by providing necessary information. The information mentioned in the form by the visitor is stored on the database making the visitor a lead. Generating leads is important for all business websites because they keep potential customers engaged with their website. The landing page works by asking for information in exchange for a resource like freebies, notifications, newsletter subscription, or even discount coupons. The landing page needs to be compelling because no one wants to waste their time by providing their information to a website for nothing. Creative infographics and headlines can make a huge impact.

It must look like a digital card that appears on screen and preferably blurring the rest of the underlying information on the website.

What should a landing page include?   

It is clear that the landing page is your best shot at converting visitors to leads, so you need to include a unique sales proposition, engaging infographics, an incentive to continue, social proof, and call to action message. Your landing page must be unique and attractive because people have a habit of closing the landing pages that they don’t find compelling. Landing pages gain customer attention and create a good first impression of your organization. Landing pages are great at engaging the customers because they are focused on this goal rather than the blog or home pages. Sometimes minor animations are also added to the infographics on the landing page to give it a creative touch.

How do you structure a landing page?   

Organizations don’t really have a very concrete landing page structure, and it may vary according to their preferences. The first heading determines your success because if it is engaging and benefit-oriented, only then will the visitor move towards the call to action. Make sure that you focus on one action only, so the visitors are not confused. You must remove all the navigational links that are irrelevant as they may cause distraction. Make sure that you maintain your branding and website theme so that the landing page doesn’t look out of place. Ensure that the page of your site is optimized for mobile users and make a mobile-friendly design. 

What should a landing page look like?  

The website landing page should be short, sweet, and to the point. They should have a powerful heading that is benefit-oriented and call to action. It should not be too loud or overly stuffed with information. Make sure you add just the information on the landing page that is of interest to the visitors. You can also use some infographics to compensate a million words. It must look like a digital card that appears on screen and preferably blurring the rest of the underlying information on the website. You may add supporting images or short video clips to your landing page. Don’t forget to provide a piece of comprehensive information on what is being offered to the visitors. 

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