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What is OEM Windows? Is buying OEM Windows legal?

Boris~April 9, 2021 /Business IT Tips
what is oem windows


What is Windows original equipment manufacturer means?

OEM Windows means original equipment manufacturer Windows that are basically made for personal computer makers who make their computers. OEM windows lack proper documentation, support system, and official packaging of the official products, and therefore, the cost is much less than the full-fledge retail version of windows. Buying an original equipment manufacturer Window is a cost-effective option that is lucrative for PC makers who want an in-budget computer.

What is the difference between Windows original equipment manufacturer and retail?

what is oem windows

OEM Windows is in the budget operating system for a computer that you or someone else have made for themselves. Lower prices can be an attractive offer for many people, but it comes with some downsides (that may not be a problem). OEM windows are linked to the hardware in a way that cannot be replicated to another computer. Complete retail versions come with support, packaging, and documentation that OEM Windows lacks. Although both types of Windows are completely legal for use, the licenses have some variation. You can choose between the OEM and Retail Windows depending on your requirements.

Is buying OEM Windows legal?

Most people think that getting some lower versions for cheaper versions of Windows means that they are buying an illegal product which they may have to face the consequences of. When it comes to OEM Windows, you don’t need to worry about such legal consequences because it is the completely legal version of Windows with a license. The OEM version was actually made as a no support but full functionality operating system in economical version. Their target population was small-scale computer manufacturers that make PCs for themselves, and thus they know that they want cheaper operating systems. You can buy OEM Windows with complete satisfaction concerning legalities.

What does OEM mean for Windows?

OEM is an abbreviation of the original equipment manufacturer, which represents the targeted population of the OEM Windows. Some technology lovers like to make their own personal computers at low rates so that overall device set-up is budget-friendly. For Windows, it is a product that requires no support system and is low on packaging cost. Just like every company that provides different features at different prices, Microsoft has also launched different variants based on price. Price variants of Windows are suitable for different users with varying requirements. OEM is a cost-effective option for users with the requirement of operating a system on only one computer.

Should I buy OEM or retail Windows 10?

There are some pre-requisites of using an original equipment manufacturer version of Windows because you need to have the very previous Windows version in the retail version. You cannot install Windows OEM on an older Windows version. By doing this You will not get a direct Microsoft support system (which may be required in some instances to solve issues). You can do all hardware changes except the motherboard to keep your OEM Windows working. If you can purchase a retail version of Windows 10, then it is better to go for it as it is with full company support, device change compatibility, and packing. You can easily install the retail version even if your prior version is outdated.

You can do all hardware changes except the motherboard to keep your Windows OEM working.

What is the difference between OEM vs. Retail Windows 10 license?

If you are using OEM or a complete retail version of Windows, you have your license for your product; however, the license type varies. Without Windows 10 version license, you can easily migrate your Windows to another device if the previous one has stopped working. This means that you can use your Windows on one device at a time. OEM licenses Tiger operating system with the motherboard of a particular computer, and because of that, you cannot change it and transfer it to another device. The inclusion of the license makes both Windows versions 100% legal for use on your devices.


When you buy a copy of windows at the retailer or you buy a boxed copy it comes with support. So you can call Microsoft if you have problems. Companies like Dell, HP, Toshiba and Sony and other manufacturers buy an OEM copy so that the cost of the computer can decrease. If you don’t need support from Microsoft and you think you can handle all issues you can go for the OEM option. It will cut your operating cost.

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